Monday, 19 November 2012


Hello friends and fans,

Welcome to the humble abode of JohnHD. Here we focus on doing Let's Plays, Let's try or whatever you call it. Its all about gameplays, live recording and commentaries here.

I am into Strategy and Simulation type of games. FPS and RPG is not really my kinda thing. I find that RPG will make me want to grind through the game for levels and items so I try to stay away. Whereas strategy and simulations allow me to call it time whenever I want.

For starters, I think I will be playing some Indie games like FTL and Game Dev Tycoon ( Check out Some Simcity and Wargame : Airland Battle / European Escalation.

I am not going to go all crazy on games but play and record whenever I have time. I do dabble in science and research during the day. Theoretical chemistry is kinda my thing.

That's all I have for a brief introduction.

Signing off ~

p.s. Check out how the developers of Game Dev Tycoon deal with people who play their game without buying. Pretty neat!